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Bidding and Negotiation Services

Contract Administration Services

Supplemental Services

Bidding materials
Analysis of alternates/substitutes
Bid evaluation
Contract award

Observation services
Project representation
Testing and inspection administration
Supplemental documentation
Quotation requests/change orders
Furniture, furnishings, and equipment installation administration
Project close out

Furniture, furnishings, and equipment services
Architectural review for single family residential; provide analysis of  architectural design, materials, and context
Graphic Design
Model construction
Still photography
Life cycle cost analysis
Value analysis
Energy studies
Project promotion/public relations

Space schematics/ flow diagrams
Existing facilities studies/ case studies
Economic feasibility studies

Site analysis and selection
Site development and selection
Site master planning
Detailed site utilization studies
Environmental studies and reports
Zoning processing assistance

Schematic Design; scope, conceptual design, and scale and relationship of  the projects components
Design Development; the size and character of a project are further defined, and refined (includes architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil materials; and various other elements)

Architectural design/ documentation
Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil, landscape design/ documentation
Materials research
Pre-Design Services

Site Development Services

Full Architectural Design Services

Contract Documents
Willow Brook Farms